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PT. Manito World is a company which deals with knit related products. Our company is a knitting export manufacturer. We are currently having a business line in producing fashionable clothing and accessories. Our garment factory was established in August 2009 in Cicurug-Sukabumi, West Java, Approximately two hours drives from Jakarta (Cengkareng) international airport. As we were able to manage the workers well to be diligent and hard-working. Our factories possess the latest machines which can produce clothing in highest quality. In addition, all of the conditions in the factory are good enough to reach customers' demands. We have highly skilled workers and managers who have worked in other well-known companies for years. At present, our company might not be the best clothing company in Indonesia. However our company has been growing fast in last 8 years because of our well-structured organization chart and hardworking co-workers. We have automatic machine to support produce good clothing and we have commitment to follow all buyer requirement and buyer standard audit. At this pace, we believe we will be able to be the best in Indonesia in next 8 years. Our mission is to be the best clothing company in Asia in 20 years ahead. Our vision is to make the finest and cheapest clothes which everyone can buy without hesitation. To do so we will mainly concentrate on the working conditions for workers so that we can produce high quality products.

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Source Fabric From Korea, China Etc.
Source Fabric From Indonesia (Local Mill)

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PT. MANITO WORLD (Co. Ltd.) is a company which has a commitment in doing business in accordance with business ethical standards established by Vendors and Buyers. Great effort thrived continuously to be in compliance with all requirements, stipulations, rules and regulations which needs to be applied. We are always in cooperation with Vendor and Buyer in implementing all standards to create a strong and healthy business relationship. We always thrive to establish an environment where Human Rights are always upheld dearly. PT. Manito World really understands Racial, Religious, Tribal, Believe, and Ethical System of the Employee and the surrounding neighborhood, and none of those differences became the basic of consideration for embracing our employees and our potential employees. This Code of Conduct was established for us, all member of PT. Manito World, as a family and a unity to understands each other upon needs, either business or social, by, for, and from all of us, and either to ourselves or to Vendors and Buyers. The followings are our practices to comply with our own Ethical Standards.

Force Labor

We employ a workforce voluntarily without any coercion, threats and punishment. We will not use forced labor, detention, or involved […]

Child Labor

We do not employ child labor, the age requirement that we receive as an employee is at least 18 years.

Violence And Harassment

We will treat every employee with respect. Each employee will not be a target of violence whether verbal (words), physical, […]

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It is very important for us, PT. Manito World (Co. Ltd.), to provide a maximum service to our customers. One of the requirement enrolled by our Buyers, is Security Standard or Custom-Trade Partnership against Terrorism, or C-TPAT in short. This security standard is supply chain security standard or merchandise delivery from exporter country to the destination country. PT. Manito World would thrive that Supply Chain Security are well maintained, which certainly starts from the Supplier, PT. Manito World. We always give a full attention to cooperate with our principles and our suppliers in the matter of Supply Chain Security, in quantity, quality, or in security. This code of conduct consists of basic requirement for us to fulfill in order to establish a strong and secure supply chain security. Several basic security requirements are, as follow:

Physical Security

The whole building is built from materials that can prevent unwanted entry and protect the company or facility of disturbances […]

Physical Access Control

Access control to prevent entry without permits or are not allowed to all the company’s facilities, maintain control of employees […]

Security Procedure

Steps to handling incoming & outgoing goods should include protection against the introduction, or loss of foreign legal or illegal. […]

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Standard Buyer Audit