Company Code Of Conduct


PT. MANITO WORLD (Co. Ltd.) is a company which has a commitment in doing business in accordance with business ethical standards established by Vendors and Buyers. Great effort thrived continuously to be in compliance with all requirements, stipulations, rules and regulations which needs to be applied. We are always in cooperation with Vendor and Buyer in implementing all standards to create a strong and healthy business relationship. We always thrive to establish an environment where Human Rights are always upheld dearly. PT. Manito World really understands Racial, Religious, Tribal, Believe, and Ethical System of the Employee and the surrounding neighborhood, and none of those differences became the basic of consideration for embracing our employees and our potential employees. This Code of Conduct was established for us, all member of PT. Manito World, as a family and a unity to understands each other upon needs, either business or social, by, for, and from all of us, and either to ourselves or to Vendors and Buyers. The followings are our practices to comply with our own Ethical Standards.

Force Labor

We employ a workforce voluntarily without any coercion, threats and punishment.

We will not use forced labor, detention, or involved with the law.

Child Labor

We do not employ child labor, the age requirement that we receive as an employee is at least 18 years.

Violence And Harassment

We will treat every employee with respect. Each employee will not be a target of violence whether verbal (words), physical, psychological or sexual abuse.


We will not discriminate against workers based on ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, gender, physic, political opinion, etc. All get the same rights and opportunities in PT. Manito World both in terms of recruitment, salary, benefits, promotion, discipline and resignation.

Freedom of Association

We respect the right of workers to freedom of association, assembly and association with organizations that are legally valid. And there is no punishment whatsoever with the involvement of employees participated in these organizations. We treat all employees with respect and dignity.

Health and Safety

PT. Manito World will always try to consistently follow all laws and regulations relating to the Health and Safety at Work for the creation of a work environment that is safe, healthy, and fair to the employees, the environment and our business associates.

Working Hours

We will always abide by the rules of working hours for employees in accordance with the standards of the buyer is a maximum of 60 hours / week including normal working hours and overtime hours. We will also provide a break of at least 1 day in every 7 days.

Salaries, Allowance and Overtime Wages

We will give a reward to employees in accordance with the Minimum Wages imposed district of local government. Payment of overtime and allowances will be given in accordance with applicable law.

Involvements in Environmental Care

We will always keep the environment in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and will continue to reduce the waste generated and to maximize recycling.

Ethical Standards

We will conduct our business with honesty and integrity fit within the ethical standards with our business associates

Supervison Compliances Standard

We will carry out monitoring and evaluation for improvement and continuous improvement. We also provide full power to our vendor SAE-A Co. Ltd., to also provide regular supervision order PT. Manito World are always in a state of full-Compliance

Sub-contractor and Supplier

We expect that our suppliers and partners to follow the code of conduct described herein that could be buyer or vendor material assessment, and also a matter of assessment for PT. Manito World in running the business.


For violation, all parties can contact the management of PT. Manito World, phone (+62 266) 6721301 fax. (+62 266) 6721300, or e-mail to or

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