Physical Security

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The whole building is built from materials that can prevent unwanted entry and protect the company or facility of disturbances coming from outside, such as:

  • Have a wall or a fence outermost adequate with razor wire on top of it.
  • All gates / doors and also windows companies have a key, or good locking mechanism (for the window could only be opened from the inside and also installed a trellis. The key is given to those who have to use the facility or specific areas. Hand-received key recorded and controlled ,
  • Separation of cargo items of high value and hazardous in Warehouse 2 with secure, locked or otherwise in a fenced area.
  • Provide facilities and outdoor lighting in the parking area.
  • Separation of the parking area between the parking area employees, visitors, and the parking area of the transport vehicle (Container, trucks and so on).
  • Have a communication system internal / external communication in place to contact internal security personnel or local law enforcement police.
  • CCTV and alarm system